For millennia, the gentle alpaca has been bred especially for its lustrous natural fibre. Once woven or knitted, the warm silky qualities of alpaca wool make it a perfect textile for creating a variety of clothing and household items.


Rawstic Handmades imports beautiful ethical trade artisan alpaca wool creations from a small village in northern Ecuador to enrich and enhance the glory of your home.


As you warm yourself and elevate your living spaces with our range of blankets, you are also supporting the livelihood of the highly skilled Ecuadorian artisans who’ve created these exquisite items.


Why Choose Alpaca Products?
There are many reason to choose alpaca. First of all, Alpaca wool is a lustrous and silky natural fibre.  In some ways it is similar to sheep’s wool, however it is warmer, less itchy, and bears no lanolin, which makes it hypo-allergenic. Alpaca wool blankets are very soft, durable, luxurious and naturally water-repellent.  The alpaca wool exhibits a glossy shine and due to the nature of the fibre it  can be dyed in a large ranges of colours.

With their superior construction, downy tactile quality and unique design, you will not be disappointed with your alpaca products!